Urgent News and Action Call!

In one week, Saturday, February 8, the Presbytery of Chicago Assembly will be asked to vote on yet another amended contract to sell the camp property. We believe this could be the final act that seals the fate of our beloved camp forever.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Contact your pastor(s) and voting commissioners. Ask them to vote NO to the amended contract! There are valid reasons to vote NO and support the Oval Beach Preservation Society (OBPS) offer that is still available to the POC.

  • The $8 million OBPS offer solves the debt problem, continues the outdoor ministry of the camp and preserves the property in a conservation easement FOREVER!
  • Lakershore Christian Camping (LCC) is in partnership with OBPS. We are confident that you agree there is great value in continuing the 100 year old stewardship of this precious land and Eco-system. A stewardship that was entrusted to the POC so many years ago.
  • OBPS will close the deal with $8 million in cash, as evidenced by the $1 million NONREFUNDABLE earnest money that is deposited in a separate account.
  • Come to the meeting this Saturday, February 8; business meeting beginning at 10:15 AM at Fourth Presbyterian Church, 126 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, Il. We need to show the Assembly voters how important this vital ministry is to present and future generations!

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers for this worthy effort to Save The Camp!

For questions contact Janet Feller Hyde, 630-294-5489 or Jim burner, 630-217-7829.

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