FAQ’s for Discussion with Pastors & Assembly Members

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Contact your pastor(s) and Assembly voting commissioners. Ask them to vote NO to the amended contract shown in the call papers for 2/8/14! There are valid reasons to vote NO and support the Oval Beach Preservation Society (OBPS) offer that is still available to the POC. Below are questions that may be asked when in conversations about the OBPS offer. To download a copy of the FAQs: FAQ’s for 2-8-14-2

1)      What are the details of the OBPS offer?

a)      OBPS has offered $8 million to the POC for purchase of the land.

b)      Lakeshore is in contract with OBPS to buy the camp and operate within the OBPS conservancy.

c)      The offer pays off the POC debt, preserves the fragile land and the camping ministry in a land conservancy for all of perpetuity.

2)      I thought OBPS has only $4 million dollars.

a)      No. OBPS currently has $6 million in cash including funds from Lakeshore.

b)      The other $2 million is pledged to be collected once a contract is established with the POC.

3)      What guarantee is there that ALL the money will be available if the POC accepts the OBPS offer?

a)      OBPS has placed $1 million NONREFUNDABLE earnest money that is deposited in a separate account. $1 million NONREFUNDABLE confirms the knowledge that OBPS has the money. Who throws away $1 mil on a maybe?

b)      The $2 million pledged is collected once a contract is established. Churches and the POC leadership base annual budgets on pledges every single year.

c)      Many of those pledges come from Christians and Presbyterians. Shouldn’t the POC Assembly take the word of Christians over that of a developer who has failed to meet goals, asked for multiple extensions and eventually had to bring in a 3rd party as evidenced in the NEW proposed contract—Item #3 of the call papers for Feb. 8?

4)      The OBPS offer does not close for 90 days. The POC needs the money now.

a)      By voting for the OBPS offer, the PRTF may negotiate the closing date.

b)      The $1 million in earnest money will be immediately available to place against the loan and satisfy the bank until a new closing date is negotiated with OBPS.

5)      Why is the OBPS offer better than the developer’s offer?

a)      The offer pays off the POC debt.

b)      There is great value in continuing the 100 year old stewardship of this precious land and Eco-system. A sale to OBPS honors the stewardship that was entrusted to the POC so many years ago.

c)      It preserves the important and vital Christian ministry for present and future generations!

d)     Princeton Theological Seminary is in partnership with Lakeshore to develop Christian Programming as well as train future youth pastors.

For further questions contact Janet Feller Hyde, 630-294-5489 or Jim Burner, 630-217-7829.

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