What is Lakeshore’s long-term vision for the Camp?

It is the desire of the Board of the Lakeshore to preserve the camp property and continue to operate the camping ministry.  Long range plans include capital  improvements and building upgrades consistent with a nationally recognized, year-round retreat center.  Our goal is to provide resources  for campers of all backgrounds and ages and attract a variety of organizations who wish to enjoy the pristine environment of the Michigan lakefront and natural dunes.

Are there any other Presbyterian Camps that have transitioned ownership from their Presbytery to a private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation?

Yes, there are a number of Presbyterian Camps that are members of the Presbyterian Church Conference and Camping Association (PCCCA) that are held by private not-for-profit corporations. Each of these camps continues to be Presbyterian in their ministry and support the youth ministry of the Presbyterian Churches they serve.  Additionally, the separation from the Presbytery and the freedom to pursue additional funding options has increased the long-term viability of each of these camps. Two examples of Presbyterian Camps that are held by separate not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporations are:

Westminster Woods – www.westminsterwoods.org/

Calvin Crest – www.calvincrest.com

Hasn’t the camp already been sold to a developer?




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