April Newsletter, DEQ Filing

To the Friends of Lakeshore Camping and the Saugatuck Camp:

This note is to thank all of you for your support of Lakeshore’s efforts to preserve the Saugatuck camp.  As you all know by now, the Presbytery of Chicago (POC) voted on February 8 to sell the 130-acre property to a developer. The sale has now closed, and even the camp equipment has been put up for sale. This is the end of a 100-year-old camping mission at Saugatuck, and we are all deeply disappointed.

We are especially dismayed with the POC. With your help, and our partnership with Oval Beach Preservation Society, we offered the POC $8 million in cash — more than enough to solve the POC debt problem, preserve the property, and maintain the Saugatuck camp.  The POC decided, instead, to accept a 10M offer, 9 million upon closing and 1 million in 18 months, from the developer and destroy not only the historical land mark, but more importantly a 100 year old ministry.

We truly appreciate your financial support, your time, and your dedication to the Saugatuck camp.

Lakeshore Board of Directors

Board of DirectorsMrs. Janet Hyde, Ms. Jennifer Schuham, Mrs. Annette Shoemaker, Mr. Bob Zinkel,  Ms. Sue Goll, Dr. Chanon Ross
Advisory Board: Dr. Ron Patton

FAQIs there is anything else we can do.

We will stay in touch with the environmental community in Western Michigan. The permits to develop the 8 houses along the lake front of the camp property have been submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. There will be a public hearing that we will post on our Facebook page when we know more.  If you wish to write a letter of concern or protest to the DEQ they can be sent to the DEG representative on this case:
Mr. Ben Zimont   zimontb@michigan.gov   269-567-3532 http://michigan.gov/deq/
In your communications, ref the information below:  
Applicant: Dune Ridge SA LP (Paul Heule) David Barker
Application submitted on 3/10/2014
: 323|353|404
Ref App #:     – Activity 
14-03-0021-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0022-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0023-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0024-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0025-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0026-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0027-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0028-P – Construct Building-Residential
14-03-0020-P – Road

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